Rhinoplasties can be performed for patients as young as 13 due to new evidence that nose growth stops early.

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Among the most crucial criteria for getting teenage rhinoplasty is that the nose has ceased developing, and experts claim that this happens at around age 13 or 14 for girls and 15 or 16 for boys. Dr. Kassir will evaluate the septum and other facial bones and cartilage to find out if the operation can be carried out without having to anticipate a second procedure. In accordance with Dr. Kassir, "I always strive to decrease the revision speeds for all my rhinoplasty patients. There are strategies which can be utilized to do this successfully."

One of the benefits of teenage rhinoplasty is a teen's young skin is able to recover from rhinoplasty more readily than in later life. The skin is more powerful and more elastic than an adult's skin, so it is able to more easily adapt to the new framework underneath. This is one of those unique advantages and factors that Dr. Kassir discusses with the teen and his/her parents during a surgical consultation.

It's important for Dr. Kassir to prove that a specific candidate has appropriate and realistic expectations for their surgery. It is by no way a cure-all, but when done on the right candidate, by the right surgeon such as Dr. Kassir, it can tremendously enhance self-confidence.

Evaluating Teenage Rhinoplasty Candidates
Even though nearly all patients are female, an increasing number of teenaged men are coming in to have their noses re-shaped and return to college with any nose issues out of the way. There's not any reason not to have a rhinoplasty, which can so easily place the nose out of the equation when it comes to insecurities while growing up.

Verbal abuse can severely impact a teen's self-confidence around their peers. Bringing the nose into better proportion with the rest of the face can have a very positive impact on their confidence and overall wellbeing.

Rhinoplasty is the most requested cosmetic plastic surgery procedure amongst teenagers. Cosmetic surgery performed on teens can be controversial, as some professionals assert that a teenager isn't mature enough to understand all the consequences of surgery. With proper patient selection and also by calling the parents in the consultation and surgical process, the results could be rewarding and incredibly well approved. Rhinoplasty can also save teenagers from having to endure persistent teasing and bullying from cruel classmates as reported in the press. Often, teenage patients have their nose surgery performed during college holidays, such as spring, winter or summer break. The splint (cast) needs to stay in place for 6 to 10 days following operation, therefore this is very feasible. However, any discussions regarding contact sports need to be addressed during the consultation with Dr. Kassir to ensure a safe healing period.

There are two reasons that teenagers seek rhinoplasty surgery: either to enhance the appearance of an oversized nose or to fix a nasal breathing dilemma (e.g., a congenital defect or a post-traumatic injury).

Teenage Rhinoplasty Candidates
Dr. Kassir says that nowadays, it seems that simply moving through the rigors of peer socialization is more challenging than ever before. While everyone recalls demanding times here and there in high college or school, the internet and social media have made it more challenging to live as a teenager.

As a responsible health professional, Dr. Kassir is careful to screen his teenage rhinoplasty candidates. He works closely with the prospective patient, their parents, and sometimes a psychologist to determine whether the teen is seeking rhinoplasty for the ideal reasons. It's important that the teenaged patient knows the risks and benefits of the operation and is considered emotionally mature enough to handle the experience.


Can I get a nose job at 13?


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Between 13-16 is the youngest age

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