Males make up almost 1/4 of all rhinoplasty cases.

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Dr.Kassir considers a man's face ought to be sculpted, whereas with women their faces heart shaped and delicate. Dr. Kassir also advocates that males utilize both surgical and nonsurgical male nose jobs to bring balance to the patient's face and features. A male rhinoplasty aims to have a masculine profile with a nose that is defined. To enhance the definition of the nose, Dr. Kassir may also recommend a nonsurgical jawline contour treatment with Dysport and chin augmentation to be done.

Dr.Kassir takes into consideration the patient's desired outcomes using edited photos, noted concerns, and reference photos as tools. In a male rhinoplasty, we strive to get a more prominent, strong nose with quite distinctive features. The nasal tip needs to be less rotated than for a female rhinoplasty such that the angle between the top lip and nose drops between 90 to 95 degrees (for females this is roughly 100-105 degrees). On the other hand, women may frequently desire a tiny nose with an upward anchored tip.

Whatever the patient's desired outcome is, Dr.Kassir will focus combining the desired look with helping secure the patient's individual features. Additionally, there are other differences in noses for women and men according to their ethnicity. Dr.Kassir reviews every unique case through digital modeling and analysis to identify individual difference and design a plan to meet the desired nasal width, dorsal hump, and columellar angle.

In the long run, there's a fairly fine line between what one patient believes a perfect nose is and what they need. During the consultation process, Dr.Kassir will research your preferred result and explain how he will achieve these objectives. He consistently uses computer morphing that will help clarify the desired end results.

As previously mentioned, most guys usually desire a square face with a well-defined jawline. A few celebrities that fit that mold today are Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Robert Downey Jr. It's been rumored for many years that all 3 actors had cosmetic work done on their noses and chins to help them attain that great chiseled appearance. Whether fiction or truth, many male patients of Dr.Kassir will ask for a chin like Brad Pitt's or a nose like Johnny Depp's during their appointment. Sometimes, Dr. Kassir might recommend a chin augmentation procedure employing a chin implant or nonsurgical fillers along with the male rhinoplasty.

Ideal Male Nose Considers:
Nose Width
Nose Tip
Face Shape
Facial Structure
Tip Rotation
Nasal Bridge Angle

Goals for Male Rhinoplasty include:
Reduce the nasal bridge
Elevate the nasal tip
Narrow the bridge
Subtle tip refinement if at all
Reduce bulky nostrils
Correct poor nasal breathing

Just like faces, noses of men and women differ in their appearances. A male's nose tends to be somewhat conspicuous and generally has a higher bridge plus a bit more width to the mid-nose area. The skin of the nose can also be different for men since it is usually much thicker than a female's. The nose of a female is generally more defined. Males (as well as females) may also consider having their whiteheads or blackheads on the nose removed by using Dr. Kassir's line of K-Derm products after the procedure.


Is it weird for a guy to have a nose job?

The truth of the matter is, it doesn't matter whether you are male or female, straight or gay, educated or not...looking better could cause us to feel much better about ourselves and the way we treat other people. If this occurs through undergoing rhinoplasty, so be it. Why would it be? Is there a societal bias that females must look more appealing compared to their male counterparts? Maybe. Is that paradigm changing? Definitely. Men feel it is no longer acceptable to"age like good wine." After all, if their wives, girlfriends, or others are looking more youthful and aesthetically pleasing, why should they? Many patients undergo rhinoplasty for one reason : They don't enjoy the look of their nose. Perhaps they inherited their father's nose and it just so happens it doesn't fit their face, possibly they had been tortured in high school by mean children who snore for any reason in any respect, maybe they had been a actor or model seeking to improve their career. The truth is, studies have demonstrated that when performed for the right reasons, a rhinoplasty can enhance confidence - period. Male vs Female Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Do people notice male nose jobs?

In a Nose Job, no trimming marks are visible outside, If you're meeting someone that has not ever seen you they can't know whether it's performed or not. People who already know you may notice depending on how long they've known you. Most men claim they had it for breathing issues; and most people don't care you had one. You can sometimes just look younger or better; without someone realizing you had a nose job they may think you had botox or fillers instead. While a male rhinoplasty using a few minor alterations and surgeon is quite proficient, it isn't noticeable to common eye. The balance is enough to make your nose perfect while making sure it isn't overly plastic. In case you've gone through significant changes on your nose then clearly it's observable you have achieved something with your nose into whoever understands you.

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