An asian rhinoplasty typically looks to add more height to the nose, change the nose profile, change the nostril shape, narrow the nose, create a sharper nose tip.

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As with other ethnicities, Dr. Kassir knows the Asian nose requires a technical approach to every rhinoplasty process he performs. It begins with careful planning and surgical preparation for certain problems of the Asian nose that frequently involve a lower nasal bridge, a wide horizontal nasal tip, and also a wider rectal view, such as the nose bridge.

This extensive understanding of the Asian nose along with their different shapes and dimensions based on ethnicity sets Dr. Kassir apart as one of the finest New York rhinoplasty professionals that individuals from all over the globe come to for help in fixing their sinus difficulties.

Women and men have other standards for what defines an aesthetically pleasing nose. For ladies, a milder and slightly upwards nasal tip is deemed female. For guys, a straighter nasal tip jobs a more masculine look. These factors of gender are taken into consideration when performing an Asian rhinoplasty on a patient.

Dr. Kassir comprehends these criteria and considers them with every individual's rhinoplasty surgery he performs. In addition, he knows his Asian patients come to him to get an Asian nose job to keep their ethnic look true to self. It's very important to Dr. Kassir that each individual he performs this kind of operation on has their perfect nose as determined by their unique facial features. To do so, he commonly utilizes digital morphing to assist in achieving the goal for the operation.

For Asian patients, their nasal tip is a lot wider and curved. Because of this, Dr. Kassir often must utilize cartilage grafting to enhance the tip space and encourage it with cartilage from in the nose (the nasal septal cartilage.) Dr. Kassir pays careful attention to the true width from side to side and decides if the nasal base diameter has to be substituted or not. He also takes into account the possibility of broader than normal nostrils, which will need to also be included in the general cosmetic reshaping process. This enables Dr. Kassir to narrow down the nose foundation whilst still maintaining a natural appearing Asian nose.

One other dilemma which Dr. Kassir sees in Asian patients is to tackle the short nasal bridge. This may be most prominent when seeing a patient's side profile and helps clarify the broader nasal look from the frontal view. Many of the patients ask to have the bridge raised or fortified to get greater bridge elevation.

Many Asian rhinoplasty patients would like their bridge raised to help deal with the issue of glasses not sitting correctly on their nose. This is because their nasal bridge lacks the elevation that regular eyeglasses need in order to sit and stay perched on the nose.

When doing this kind of nasal bridge augmentation, Dr. Kassir takes cautious steps to make sure that he doesn't elevate the bridge too much and thus make the patient's nose no longer look Asian. He utilizes your own body to elevate the bridge. If a patient asks, Dr. Kassir also can utilize Medpor, Gortex, or alternative implants to do so but he favors using the pure cartilage. For people who don't need surgery, Dr. Kassir can perform an injectable rhinoplasty with additives of lipoic acid filler such as Restylane. Due to his extensive training as a New York and New Jersey rhinoplasty expert, his patients maintain their ethnicity and their desired facial stability is reached.

As a highly technical facial operation, Asian rhinoplasties call for a cosmetic surgeon who really understands the particular traits and characteristics of this type of nose and is trained to satisfy the desires of the Asian patients. Dr. Kassir is thought to be among the greatest rhinoplasty surgeons in the entire world and trains other surgeons using his own innovative practices. His experience and expertise allow him to consistently achieve the aesthetic appearance his patients want. Their perfect nose is reached without undermining their ethnicity.

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